I have to be honest…I have felt like a kid at Christmas for weeks now. I can’t express in words how excited I was when I hear that Brian Morger has come out with a new painting.  Then when I saw his painting and the story behind it…. again completely blown away! I don’t know how many of you know the story of Shep, but it is an amazing story of the bond between man and his dog. Brian has the amazing ability to capture that moment in time. The captured moment in time shows Shep greeting passengers on his almost 6 year vigil waiting for his master’s return. I have spent a lot of time in Fort Benton over the last few weeks photographing and  researching this story. Spending time in Fort Benton, I have been able to meet some of the people and feel the history.  Fort Benton at one point in time was the innermost port in the country. Flat bottom paddle boats would come all the way from the Gulf Of Mexico to bring goods to the frontier. Click on the picture to follow the link to the story of Shep and Brian Morger’s “the Long Goodbye”.

Brian Morger's The Long Goodbye and the story of Shep