One of our stops along the way was the Kerry Ardfert Cathedral. The Ardfert Cathedral is built on the site of a monastery founded in the 6th century by St. Brendan the Navigator. The cathedral is located in the village of Ardfert, County Kerry, Ireland. The site has three medieval church ruins, the earliest building being from the 12th century, with additions made in the 15th century when a small transept was added and battlements were constructed, an ogham stone and a number of early Christian and medieval grave slabs. The cathedral roof was destroyed during the Irish Rebellion of 1641, but the south transept was re-roofed and extended later in the 17th century when it was converted into a Protestant Church. In 1871, when a new Protestant church was opened, the roof was again removed. Within the adjoining graveyard there are two other churches Temple Na Hoe dating from the 12th century and Temple Na Griffin dating from the 15th century ~Wikipedia~.  What an amazing structure! Our good friends we were traveling with have Family that lives in the area. It takes a special kind of people that can make you feel like family from the first minute you meet them. From the minute we were introduced I felt like family. While we were there we got the privilege of a guided tour before our Irish style home cooked meal (dinner was amazing!). It wasn’t the special access to these sites that made our tour special. It was the pride that our guide had in his heritage, who he is and where he came from that made this tour special. The Irish are humble but proud people with a deep heritage and a history that spans centuries beyond our own. I don’t care who you are or where you come from you can’t help but be in complete awe when you stand at the foot of these structures and realize the history behind them.

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