Along our adventure in Ireland we went thru Killarney into the Ring of Kerry. We Drove up to Molls Gap where there is a quaint little gift shop, and we made a few stops along the way that will always stick with me. The first stop was a little mountain church that sits by its self on the side of the mountain road. I tried to look up information on this church but have had no luck. It sits at the intersection of the N71 and the Torc Mountain trail head. When looking at this church you can see the history and craftsmanship that was put into this little building. Then as I look at it, I wonder what would make them build in such a location.  I wish I could find more information. Just adjacent to the church was this old bridge that you can tell has as much history and great craftsmanship to it as well. From the Church we went up to the top of Moll’s Gap and down again. On our way down we stopped by the Torc Falls. From the parking lot it is a small jaunt up to the base of the falls. If you choose to go on the trail will take you all the way back up to the old church previously mentioned. You may want to allow for a good day to make your way all the way to the church. The Falls seem to be an Oasis in the middle of the Irish Winter. It is amazing how everything can be so green with moss growing on the trees and rocks. My home is at about 47deg North Latitude and it was strange to me to see so much green so much further north at 51deg North Latitude. However I did notice the leaves on some of the trees have fallen off. I am sure that Ireland in the fall is completely amazing. I guess the long of the short of things are that I am going to have to go back at least two more times to catch the summer Green and the Fall Foliage.