The weather in central Montana has had me pinned down for the last few days. We went from the 70’s on Wednesday, to the 30’s Friday and back to the 50’s today. I went South of Great Falls today for my weekly “Saturday Drive” in an attempt to capture that “Magic Image”. The drastic changes in temperature and weather pattern make for great Photo opportunities and sometimes challenging drives. I started my drive on a road that connects Eden Road to Milligan Road. This road was muddy and some parts four-wheel drive only. I didn’t see too much out of the ordinary until I got to the end of the road where it comes out above the Smith River. From the top of the bench I could see Square Butte and behind it the Rocky Mountains (What a view).  It is amazing that on a semi clear day you can see over 70 miles as a bird flies to the Rocky Mountains from the middle of the prairie. Once I got back on pavement again, I took it out of Four-wheel drive and followed Milligan Road back around where it joins back up to Eden Road at the old homestead town (now abandoned) of Eden. On this road I was able to capture several cool images of the little belts, and a few other landmarks along the way. All and all it was not a bad day to be out.

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