The trip to the Gravity Bar that is at the top of the Guinness Brewery on St. James Street in Dublin was quite the adventure. Our adventure started in “the states” (European reference to the United States) at 6am on Thursday MST. After a few long flights and layovers we arrived in Dublin at 6am on Friday Dublin time (11pm previous day back home). After clearing customs and picking up the rental car we hit Dublin streets at 8am right in the middle of morning rush hour traffic. The up side for me was that I was not the “Elected Driver”.  In retrospect I am very impressed with my good friend that was able to get into the wrong side of the car and drive down the wrong side of the street during rush hour traffic (right side for Europe wrong side for US).  Of course the hotel rooms are not ready…. We now have time to kill! After parking the car we hit the streets of Dublin on foot. There is now 5 miles of Dublin between us and our “Perfect Pint”. Along the way we caught breakfast in a small pub, checked out the Temple Bar district, did a little shopping and got to experience the streets of Dublin firsthand. It was on this walk that I realized I was in a different country. A young man walking down the street pointed out how much us “Yanks” stood out. It was all in good humor now that I look back at it, however at the time caught me off guard. When we got to the brewery it was cool to walk through the museum and work our way through to the top. I loved the water feature inside and thought the signed lease at the beginning was interesting. Upstairs there was a room that a video loop was playing and from there was the stairs to the Gravity Bar. Over the months I have been acquiring the taste for the Dark Porter. When we handed over our tickets and received our “Perfect Pint”, I cannot begin to describe how smooth and creamy that pint was. The room was packed with people from around the world. I heard some French, German, Spanish, and other dialects I could not recognize. I truly enjoyed myself at the brewery but just like other places we visited it was the journey that was the destination.

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